28 October 2014 10:14

Lancaster University students and staff will benefit from scholarships and awards worth £115,000, thanks to Santander Universities Global Division

A senior delegation from Santander Universities Global Division visited Lancaster to renew an Agreement of Cooperation with the University.

The agreement provides Lancaster University students and staff with numerous benefits and opportunities, which range from study abroad experiences to awards and scholarships.

The partnership between Lancaster University and Santander Universities Global Division was established in 2011, where the bank offered £168,000 of financial support over three years. 

One of the aims of the agreement is to encourage students from the University’s partner, the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil, to join Masters programmes offered by Lancaster Environment Centre, as well as help Lancaster students and staff to study in the UK and abroad.

Sam Robinson, who received a scholarship to undertake a research project in Brazil, said: “I can’t express my thanks enough for the unique experience I was given through this scholarship. With the grant I was able to stay for two months, almost half of which I spent in Rio de Janeiro state recording field data in the beautiful Atlantic forest – one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. Without the generous support of Santander such a project would have been impossible to undertake. ”

The agreement also includes funding for Lancaster University Management School, enabling enterprise initiatives with Brazil and offering grants to staff for joint-research funding bids.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Professor Mark E Smith, Vice-Chancellor, said: “We greatly appreciate Santander’s philanthropic outlook and what it allows us to do. I think it’s very important for the University, and particularly for the students, so thank you very much for your support. I look forward to strengthening and continuing the relationship between Santander and Lancaster University, and I’m glad we’re renewing the partnership formally today.”

Simon Bray, Director of Santander Universities UK, said: “Our partnership with Lancaster University has given great opportunities to students and members of staff during the past three years. With the renewal of this agreement we not only confirm, but also increase our commitment with the University for a further three years. At Santander Universities we are proud to enable members of the Lancaster University community to pursue their academic goals.”