1 December 2015 11:20

A striking new piece of artwork capturing the diversity of Lancaster University’s architecture has been unveiled at the University’s Postgraduate ‘Study Hub’ at The Storey in Lancaster.

The five-panel painting has been funded by Lancaster University and Graduate College.

The aim is to bring a campus-like environment and atmosphere of study for students who use the study space.

“This piece of artwork reinforces the relationship between the University campus and the Study Hub and helps to bring the campus to the city,” says Graduate College Principal Claire Povah.

“The composition, perspective and colour of the work is designed to provide students who study at the Storey with a visually relaxing and enjoyable campus journey.”

Artist Yuping Li, a Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) PhD student, said: “I combine the stretched pictorial form that comes from traditional Chinese Scroll landscape painting and the skills and methods of contemporary Western painting as one visual artwork.

“The work depicts campus in the early morning when a new study or work day begins. I chose the bright green as a main tone to bring a visual rest and relaxation for the student who studies here.”

The painting was unveiled at the opening of an artwork exhibition entitled ‘The In-Betweenness’ by LICA PhD students.