20 July 2015 10:42

University life has been a shared experience for twin sisters Charis and Flora Hackett.

The 21 year olds both graduated with degrees in Geography from Lancaster University, which they chose separately after visiting on an Open Day.

Flora said: “I liked the campus and the collegiate atmosphere, there’s a great community spirit and a good reputation. We didn’t put our heads together when deciding but we both ended up choosing Lancaster on our own. We have always had very similar interests.”

The girls did identical A Levels at Upton-by-Chester High School in Cheshire and both chose Geography at University, where Flora achieved a 1st and Charis a 2.1.

Charis said: “I like to blame my boyfriend for why I got a 2.1 and Flora got the 1st! Joking apart, it was useful doing the same course and similar modules as we could test each other during revision.”

As well as studying the same subject, the girls also shared accommodation during their three year degree.

Flora said: “We lived in the same block at Bowland College on the same corridor. We had such fun during Freshers’ Week so we more or less had the same gang of friends ever since, our social lives remained quite similar throughout uni.”

They even lived in the same student house in town during the second year before moving back to campus for their final year when they graduated together.

Both agree there are advantages to being a twin.

Charis said: “It was more enjoyable having Flora around, obviously there was the odd sisterly fallout but most of the time I would forget she was my sister and just think of her as one of my best friends at uni!”

Flora said: “We have both had a wonderful time here, which made it twice as fun!”