25 November 2015 16:48

Farmers are being urged to share their perspectives on bioenergy crops as part of a new study.

Lancaster University researchers are investigating the factors which farmers take into account when deciding whether or not to grow perennial bioenergy crops such as Miscanthus and short rotation coppice.

Dr Neil Simcock of the Lancaster Environment Centre said: “Bioenergy crops are often presented as opportunities for both farmers and society.  However, there has been little research that captures the perspectives of those who have to actually grow them.  By talking directly to farmers, we will gain a better understanding which will help determine whether policy support can be designed to enable their wider adoption. It’s vital that farmers’ voices are heard, and we’d welcome hearing from any farmer who has an opinion on this matter, whether they grow bio crops or not.”

Participation in this research project would include:

  • Attendance at a small, 90-minute group discussion with other farmers, organised in your local area by the project team, including free lunch and refreshments.


  • A short and informal one-to-one discussion with a member of the project team, lasting around 1 hour.  This could be either in-person in your local area, or via the telephone.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Hanneke Mol: h.mol@lancaster.ac.uk (or call 07803 449 087) or Neil Simcock: n.simcock1@lancaster.ac.uk  (or call 07508 544 536).