23 October 2015 15:14

Cancer treatments, educational Minecraft software and space weather monitors are just some of the Lancaster University science and technology research and development projects being backed by a £50,000 innovation fund.

The Impact Innovation Fund, from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), is supporting university researchers to commercialise their STFC-funded research ideas along with industry partners.

Eight projects have received funding. These include:

  • A project with E2V to develop low cost radiotherapy Linacs for hospitals in developing countries.
  • The development of an educational add-on to the Minecraft software package for particle accelerator science simulations.
  • Working with Tech-X to develop more accurate electromagnetic simulation products.
  • Developing applications of large-scale muon detection, such as security scanning of shipping containers, with Oxford Instruments.
  • Developing a high energy physics computer simulation with DSoFt.
  • Working with the Met Office to develop a low cost magnetometer for monitoring space weather.
  • Testing cryogenic devices with Oxford Instruments.
  • Exploring how space weather disrupts power grids with EDF and the National Grid.

Dr Mark Rushforth, ‎Head of Business Partnerships & Enterprise: Physical Sciences at Lancaster University, and administrator of the fund said: “This fund was designed to support researchers who have ideas with significant potential for impact. We have been able to fund eight excellent projects and enable the researchers, along with their external partners, to take the technology closer to a position where they can deliver real economic and social benefits.”

More examples of how the STFC IAA has already supported interaction between researchers and businesses can be found by visiting http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/sci-tech/business/business-projects/impact-acceleration-account/stfc-iaa

For further information on STFC IAA activities please contact Dr Mark Rushforth by emailing m.rushforth@lancaster.ac.uk