16 March 2015 10:07

Some of the UK’s best young business brains will be visiting Lancaster this month to take part in a prestigious competition.

It is the second year that Lancaster University is hosting the two-day FLUX event – the country’s largest annual student business competition, which will attract more than 100 students in teams from 17 universities on March 23 and 24.

Overseen and mentored by representatives from more than 20 businesses, including IBM, BAE Systems, Aldi, Micron, Thales, EY and Deloitte, the competition aims to enable the students to test a variety of skills they will need when entering the business world.

Lyndsey Egerton at Lancaster University said: “The FLUX competition is a challenging test for these highly-talented students and provides them with an environment to hone their skills, as well as learning from the event’s sponsor businesses.

“I’m sure we will see some of the future leaders of Britain’s boardrooms shining during the competition, which is the most prestigious contest of its type.”

The students use the specialist business tool Xing to complete tasks set by the sponsoring businesses.

More information about the FLUX business competition is available by visiting http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/careers/employers/fairs/flux/