13 February 2015 15:40

A voter registration campaign by Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU) resulted in more than 100 students joining the Electoral Register in a single day.

In the light of recent news that thousands of students all over the country have not yet registered to vote, LUSU has launched a voter registration campaign.

The ‘333’ campaign took its name from the number of votes that formed the majority in the Lancaster and Fleetwood Constituency at the last general election, with the aim to highlight the potential significance of the student vote.

Mysterious ‘333’ messages were spread using posters and social media to attract students to a launch event on Friday where volunteers were waiting with voter registration forms.

LUSU Vice-President for Union Development Damon Fairley, who launched the campaign, said: “Many do not realise that changes to voter registration rules mean students are no longer automatically registered, and this campaign was designed to spread awareness and spur people into action.

“The upcoming election is likely to be one of the closest and most hard-fought in a generation and we want to get the message to our members that their votes really do matter.

“In a marginal constituency like ours the student voice is likely to have a significant impact on the outcome of the election. We want Lancaster students to be fully engaged with the political process and exercise their right to vote, and I’m delighted that we managed to get so many registered on Friday.”

You can register to vote online here.