10 August 2016 17:49

Lancaster University and Lancaster University Ghana played key roles in an international conference on defining responsible universities and, as title sponsors, earned a ‘mention’ in the opening remarks by former UN chief Kofi Annan.

‘Defining the Responsible University: Society, Impact and Growth'’ was the theme of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Conference in higher education held in Accra, Ghana.

The event attracted 250 higher education experts and leaders from 35 countries to debate key issues in higher education and explore shared solutions.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Lancaster University Professor Andrew Atherton chaired a panel which discussed responsibilities towards staff.

Provost of Lancaster University Ghana Professor John Grainger was on a panel chaired by the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, on the topic: ‘Working with Africa: Barriers and Opportunities’.

Professor Grainger also delivered a paper on a new model of international tertiary education in Ghana, which demonstrated the international branch campus model was effectively developing the skilled leaders of tomorrow by engaging the university, government, and corporate sectors in a dynamic partnership.

He said: “The significant annual outflow of students has a proven negative effect on development in Africa – many future leaders remain overseas on graduation, contributing to 'brain drain' effect”.  

He added that the outflow of education-related expenses also posed a challenge to local economies and a drain on foreign exchange reserves.

Professor Grainger also participated in a debate about society’s expectations of higher education.

Staff at Lancaster University Ghana ran an information stand at the event