6 June 2016 12:05

Work exploring social issues from homelessness to digital futures and political issues from animal rights to environmental concerns goes on show next month at Lancaster University.

Entitled OMNIA XLIV, the Lancaster University Fine Art Degree Show, which opens to the public on 14 June, takes its name from the Latin phrase ‘in omnia paratus’ meaning ‘prepared for all things’ with the roman numerals representing the 44 students exhibiting.

Art works on show capture the natural to the urban, abstraction to representation, and include intriguing interactive environments and surveillance installations.

As the number of Fine Art students at Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts is growing, this promises to be one of the most exciting and diverse exhibitions.

Students have produced work that explores a full range of cutting-edge contemporary approaches, styles, subjects, and media.

 “We now attract a large number of visitors to the annual exhibition, in part a result of growing the numbers of students on the course, but also reflecting Fine Art’s improved national and international profile,” says Director of Study Professor Emma Rose.

 “We also attract the interest of talent scouts and potential employers eager to identify high quality graduating students.

“These students are creative and intellectually and conceptually some of the best in Art education. Their skills are attractive to employers, they can problem solve, make things by hand, use technology, and address globally significant issues.” 

The show will be staged in The Peter Scott Gallery and neighbouring LICA Building, and Bowland Annexe.

Opening night, a free event open to the public from 6pm until 8.30pm, takes place on 14 Juneand the exhibition runs up to and includes 21 June.  


Weekdays          11.00 - 5.00pm

Saturday              11.00 - 4.00pm

Sunday                 CLOSED

https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lica   and www.omniaxliv.com  (students’ official website)

For more information please contact Degree Show Coordinator: Pip Dickens p.dickens@lancaster.ac.uk