8 May 2017 13:55

The award was made to the CETAD team involved in an innovative teaching programme designed for the Department of Health in Gauteng province, South Africa.

CETAD is a Work Based Learning centre providing learner-centred taught postgraduate programmes for students in work and their employers.

The client is the Department of Health and the students are Chief Executive Officers and Senior Leaders of hospitals, clinics and healthcare services in the province. 

The Director of CETAD Jane O’Brien said: “This is a great achievement and reflects the hard work and dedication of the teaching team involved.”

There were 24 students including the Member of the Executive Council for Health all studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in healthcare leadership.

The programme was developed following a residential week in the UK where the CETAD team gained an understanding of the context and carried out diagnostic work to determine the requirements for the programme.

Feedback from the students included:

 “This week has opened our eyes and has taught me to consider my leadership management as an equal priority to my work. I endeavour to take these skills into my teams and improve how we work. Thank you for all your kind words, motivation, example and advice during this week. It has been life changing having you here with us.”

“Your student-teacher, teacher-student approach to learning whereby there is constant dialogue, feedback and learning from one another is a truly modern approach to learning. Please spread the ideology.”

“I feel empowered and enabled to realize some of my capabilities or strong characteristics that I have. I feel that I am a better manager than I was before being exposed to this training and I’m prepared to still learn more.”

"We really had fun and we realised that learning can really be made easy.......it has been a truly learning experience from others and leading others. “

The team included Jan Metcalfe, Debbie Simpson, Paulette Liptrot, Kathy Duffy, Amanda Eagle, Kath Houston and Deb Park.

They were supported by Mary Mason, Programme Co-ordinator for the project who also contributed to e-learning developments, and her colleagues: Gill Codd, Kerry Armstrong and Hayley Taylor, and the wider CETAD Teaching Associate team.