19 June 2017 11:54

Energy demand reduction will be top of the agenda when Lancaster University hosts a ‘gala’ event for the nation’s end use energy demand research centres in July.

Each of the six Research Councils' UK End Use Energy Demand Centres will share ideas, findings and experiences at the event from July 3 to 4.

The Centres conduct research into the technical, social and economic foundations of energy demand and address issues that are important for policy, industry, and the many organisations involved in establishing and also reducing future demand in buildings, transport and many other areas of daily life.

The ‘gala’ event will review progress so far and each Centre is invited to share examples of their research, focusing on what worked well and flagging up any significant barriers.

The conference will include speakers, group discussions, workshops and a presentation of emerging agenda items on end use energy demand.

Professor Elizabeth Shove, who heads the Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand Centre at Lancaster University, said: “The energy agenda tends to focus on matters of supply. The Gala provides a much needed opportunity to get to grips with fundamental questions of demand."