30 March 2017 09:04

‘Children, young people and flooding: recovery and resilience’, the only research project working directly with flood-affected children to build future resilience, has won an award from the Environment Agency. 

A Project Excellence Award was presented last night (29 March) to the Lancaster University research team and the children and young people who participated.

The project, funded by the ESRC, was a unique collaboration between social science researchers, schools and Save the Children UK and has now been recognised by those who are in a position to act on the study findings.

The award was received on behalf of the team at the Flood and Coast 2017 Conference in Telford by Dr Marion Walker.

Project lead Professor Maggie Mort said: “This is the first time that flood-affected children have had their hard won experience recognised and valued in a policy context.

“This award means that we will be able to promote young people’s insights on flood resilience more widely at government and community levels.”