29 September 2017 09:33

Lancaster University is at the top of a new league table for the amount of renewable energy it produces.

Research has been conducted on which British universities produce and use the most renewable energy, with Lancaster first in the resulting table.

The findings, by GoCompare Energy, show Lancaster produced the largest amount of clean energy during the 2015/16 academic year.

The University’s wind turbine, which began operating in November 2012, generates 4,765MWh of electricity per year, which is approximately 15% of campus electricity consumption and is sufficient to power 1,400 homes. The University also generates some electricity from Solar Photovoltaics.

The second main renewable source of energy is the University’s biomass boiler which used 3,346MWh of biomass (wood chip) as it generated heat for the University heating system. 

Jonathan Mills, Environmental Manager at Lancaster University, said: “The introduction of these renewable energy sources - together with other energy saving projects - has enabled Lancaster University to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 22% since 2005. 

“The University remains committed to meeting its challenging carbon reduction target of a 43% reduction by 2020 with potential further investment in wind power and other technologies."

Lancaster University has also been recognised by sustainability consultancy Brite Green for its efforts in reducing carbon emissions, and has received a Brite Green Top 10 University Carbon Reduction Award.

The Wind Turbine Project also won the EAUC 2015 Green Gown award for Carbon Reduction.