21 July 2017 10:14

A stay in hospital at the age of 14 inspired Rachel Skelly to become a doctor - just like her elder sister Linda.

Both sisters have since graduated from Lancaster Medical School, Linda in 2015 and Rachel in 2017. 

Linda even encouraged Rachel to apply to Lancaster Medical School because she had enjoyed her time there so much. 

“The only bit I can take credit for was encouraging her to apply to Lancaster University. I absolutely loved being at Lancaster - I would recommend the university, the course, the hospital to anyone.”  

Both sisters wanted to become doctors from childhood, but they were inspired in different ways. 

Rachel said: “After having orthopaedic surgery at 14 years of age, I was inspired by the health professionals who cared for me.

From then on, I pursued a career in medicine, as I wanted to help others like I was helped.”   

Her elder sister Linda made the same choice even earlier in life. 

“I always wanted to be a doctor for as long as I could remember. Even when I was in primary school, me and my best friend used to play hospital and I would only let her be the nurse. Subsequently I just wanted to get into medical school and achieve my goal.” 

Linda is currently a trainee doctor in the NHS, with plans to train in anaesthesia. As well as her medical degree, she has also taken an MSc in Health and Life Sciences at Lancaster. 

Rachel says it was helpful having an elder sister following the same path. 

“I think it has been beneficial having a sister who has studied the same degree as she could provide me with some invaluable pointers and support when it was needed. Likewise, we have a better appreciation for each other's work-life situation."