14 December 2017 13:05

Masters graduate Joshua Kingston made such a positive contribution to his Lancaster University college that he was nominated to attend a special lunch hosted by the Vice Chancellor.

23-year-old Joshua chaired the Postgraduate Board – representing all postgraduate students – alongside his studies in law, and was recognised for the outstanding contribution he made to college life.

Joshua, originally from Northamptonshire, said he was delighted to be asked to attend the lunch on Graduation day, and was proud of everything the College team had achieved.

He said: “Being sent to the lunch by the College team means so much and makes me genuinely proud of everything we have achieved in the year I was lucky enough to have spent working with them.”

Joshua first came to Lancaster in 2012, initially studying for an undergraduate degree and then continuing to the Masters course, when he was elected to become Chair of the Postgraduate Board. As Chair, he worked as part of a team to support the postgraduate community by running campaigns and events to promote engagement, inclusivity and diversity.

He said: “As a team we did our very best to pull together and to do the best job we could, factoring in the eclectically diverse community we served and their respective needs. I hope everyone else agrees with me when I say I am proud of our achievements.”

Joshua thanked College Principal Claire Povah and Provost for Student Experience, Colleges and the Library Professor Mandy Chetwynd for their support.

Talking about the lunch event, he said: “It was great to once again see Claire and Amanda, they had always pushed for the benefit of our postgraduate community and I see that continues and will continue.

“We were fortunate enough to have something of a mini Postgraduate Board reunion which was fantastic, an opportunity to catch up and to see how the Board continues to move forward this academic year.

“Having worked together so closely it was great to look back on and celebrate our achievements over the last year.”