12 December 2017 15:46

Masters graduate Yanisa Thanomrod balanced organising events for postgraduate students with achieving a distinction in her studies in diplomacy and foreign policy. 

Originally from Thailand, Yanisa joined Lancaster University following an interest in British history and culture, and was elected Events Officer for the Postgraduate Board.

She is now working towards her goal of a career as a diplomat, and says her time at Lancaster has provided invaluable experience for her future plans.

Yanisa, 22, has lived in countries around the world and said she had hoped to study in the UK ever since working towards her undergraduate degree in New Zealand. She said: “It was my dream since I began my undergraduate degree to study in the UK because of its academic reputation in politics and international relations. I have always been intrigued by British history and culture. So, to be able to experience everything in Lancaster was a dream come true.”

During her time at Lancaster University, Yanisa worked as the Events Officer for the body representing postgraduate students, organising celebrations including Grad Fest, which included a family party, buffet dinner and a 90s-themed party. She believes planning such events helped her develop practical and interpersonal skills and said: “I decided to nominate myself for a position on the Postgraduate Board because I wanted to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. I have definitely achieved that. Working on the Board really gave me a sense of purpose.

“Thanks to the members of the PG Board and Graduate College staff and members, I felt that my efforts were valued and that my abilities were put to good use.”

Yanisa, who next year plans to sit exams to progress her ambition of becoming a diplomat, said the best part of her experience at Lancaster was meeting people from around the world, and said she always felt welcome at the University and in the city. She said: “The postgraduate student body is so diverse. There are students from every continent of the world.

“I really do enjoy getting to know people from different cultures and being able to have great conversations despite our differences.

“As a student of International Relations, it is very important to learn about as many countries as possible and making friends from different countries really helped me learn.”