Building with intelligence - Lancaster set to launch Architecture courses

Professor Judith Mottram and Professor Simon Guy outside the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University
Director of LICA Professor Judith Mottram and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Professor Simon Guy

Lancaster University is seeking a new Chair of Architecture to lead the development of an innovative new set of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Based in the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA), the new Architecture courses will connect Lancaster’s highly-ranked research base with its gold-rated teaching track record to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a top-ten university setting.

Scheduled to launch within three years, Architecture in Lancaster is anticipated to give students access to LICA’s internationally-renowned research expertise. Research at LICA engages design and the creative arts with science and technology as well as humanities and social science (ranked in Times HE World rankings 2017 world top 100).

Strong relationships with architecture practices and established industry partners are planned as a core part of the curriculum.

The new Chair will have the opportunity to shape and lead the development of architecture at Lancaster in the run up and launch over the next three years.

Due to Lancaster’s research-led teaching, students will not only have the ability to think creatively and critically but they will also have the practical skills needed to translate Lancaster’s world-leading research into practice.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University Professor Simon Guy said: “Students can expect to draw upon the energy of our outstanding research environment which cuts across fields from design to environment. They will also gain inspiration from our access to some of the UK’s most diverse and interesting built environments, as well as Lancaster’s excellent teaching reputation.

“We anticipate that our students will have the opportunity to make a contribution to the future of the Northern Powerhouse through live projects and briefs with leading industry partners in the practical part of the curriculum.”

Architecture at Lancaster will be designed to benefit from our research-driven culture and strong connections with the University’s Institutes of Social Futures, Data Science, Material Science, the Health Innovation Campus and Lancaster Environment Centre.

Between them, these Institutes are tackling some of the most pressing challenges in the built environment from reducing urban pollution and making our homes smarter to developing ground-breaking building materials and designing healthier homes.

Director of LICA Professor Judith Mottram said: “Our vision is for Lancaster Architecture students to have something very special. Not only will they be capable of designing great buildings, but they will draw from new research in many fields about multiple aspects of the world we live in.”

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