Make sure you find the time to take part in new community artwork

Eric Morecambe statue holding the project flyer showing a Casio watch in a pair of hands
Eric does his bit to promote 'Taking the Time', a community art project in Lancaster, Morecambe and district

It’s take time and join a public art project.

That’s the call from Lancaster Arts, based at Lancaster University, who have commissioned the ‘Taking the Time’ project to create an imaginative new artwork within the city.

The project invites people who identify as being 'from' or 'of' Lancaster and Morecambe to take part in a simple survey.

Over a 24-hour period artists Adam York Gregory, a designer and visual artist who hails from Lancaster, and performer Gillian Jane Lees will set an alarm on a digital watch for 1440 residents of Lancaster and Morecambe who have responded to their survey.

Each alarm will represent someone's answer to the question, 'What specific time of the day, or night, is important to you?'.

The data from each completed form will be anonymous and used to create a bespoke artwork at The Herbarium in Lancaster between the 18th and 20th December 2019.

The resulting sculpture will then be left in place for a further 24 hours, creating a sonic landscape of the people of Lancaster and Morecambe's relationship with time.

The project recognises that sometimes a house and ‘home’ may be different places. If you are unsure, please feel free to fill in this form anyway.

“From learning to tell the time on colourful watches to the soothing chimes of a grandfather clock - time is constantly measured either by us, on us or around us,” says Jamie Wooldridge, from Lancaster Arts.

“This project is an exciting opportunity for us all to reflect on what specific times of the day have meaning for us in our lives. 

“We don’t envy the artists setting all 1,440 alarms on their Casio watches to mark every person’s special time!”

 Submit your special specific time here or be inspired by some public responses at #TTTLancaster on twitter.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the artists here: 

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