Apply for Joint Seed Funding with the University of Lausanne

Are you working with researchers at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), or looking to establish new connections to advance your research? Lancaster and UNIL are jointly seed funding up to 5 projects. Approval for these projects hinges on the alignment with government initiatives aimed at advancing specific research fields, as outlined within ISPF.

Lancaster Lausanne Partnership

Lancaster University and UNIL signed a formal partnership agreement in 2015, sharing a vision of fostering international dialogue and promoting interdisciplinary research. This partnership has already seen success in various fields, and we believe that Lausanne's unique expertise can further enrich this collaboration.

Why Now?

The International Science Partnership Fund (ISPF) has allocated £119m over two years, with multiple funding calls until April 2025. Through this seed-funding, Lancaster and Lausanne are hoping to set the stage for future large-scale funding through the ISPF.

Researchers are invited to submit proposals in one of the four thematic areas listed below. These areas have the potential to gain significant investment through further ISPF funding:

  1. Resilient Planet
  2. Transformative Technologies
  3. Healthy People, Animals & Plants
  4. Tomorrow's Talent

Closing Deadline:

December 15, 2023 (23:59 – UK time)

Funding Allocation:

Each project can receive up to £10,000 (combined total). Lancaster’s contribution is being supported by the Global Advancement Fund. For more information on what funding costs can be considered, download the online application form.


Each bid must have two Principal Investigators, one from LU and one from UNIL. Cross-disciplinary projects are encouraged.


Applications are open now (October 2023), with a submission deadline of December 15, 2023. Project selection will be announced in mid-February 2024. A selection committee will be comprised of both LU and UNIL staff.

Contact if you have any questions.

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