'Sharlene Gandhi graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Marketing Management and French in 2018, and currently works at IBM as a public sector consultant. She is the Pentland Centre Alumnus Champion 2018-19.
  • Students participating in Marketing Me 2019 for LUMS/Pentland Centre. L-R: Oonagh Clapham, Olivia Snow, Claire-Louise Chapman, Hannah Shelton, Olivia Humphrey, Calum Liang, Zekia Salmon-Hall

    Setting a Sustainable Marketing Challenge

    A topic of conversation often skipped in the climate crisis debate is that of travel and transportation.

  • Workers at informal Chinese waste centre

    Pentland Centre at the Human Rights Film Series

    The world is quickly waking up to the human impacts of climate change. Long gone are the days of speaking about a hole in the invisible ozone layer, and seemingly minute yearly temperature increases – although both were and are vital to the situation we currently find ourselves in, both were unobservable to the human eye or body, and therefore easily swept under the metaphorical carpet.

  • Creative Commons image cropped to banner size

    Pomp, Plastic and Perfection

    Conversations around sustainability often hover around things that have become essential in modern life, but in fact are just nice-to-haves.