Campus Access for Postgraduate Research Students

Key Principles

  • The safety of our students is paramount. Whilst we would ideally like to welcome all Lancaster-based PGR students on to campus, it is important that we outline some guiding principles to determine what makes sense for you.
  • On the basis that in-person contact should be limited as much as possible, if you are able to work on your research from home, please do so.
  • There is no “one size fits all” policy as to whether you should be studying on campus, and you should discuss with your supervisors or departmental PGR directors in the first instance.
  • Reasons for coming onto campus include needing access to research labs, taking part in teaching activities, your own personal wellbeing, and not having an appropriate working environment at home. There will of course be other reasons, and you are encouraged to use your own judgement in communicating whether you really do need to be on campus or not.
  • By default please meet your supervisor(s) online. Should both you and your supervisor(s) decide that an in-person meeting is required, please ensure that you are clear as to why it is necessary, pre-arrange the location, and when meeting always maintain social distancing.
  • When on campus, the expectation is that you will use your own desk space. If social distancing rules mean that this is not possible, departments may need to allocate a designated space to you, and / or introduce a rota system.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19, and if you are feeling unwell, follow Government advice on the Government coronavirus webpage.
  • If you have been in contact with a Covid-19 infected person, follow Government advice on the Government coronavirus webpage.
  • When on campus, we will expect everyone who is able to wear a face-covering to do so in indoor spaces, especially if it is not possible to maintain social distancing.