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Degree Apprenticeships

Tailoring national standards to local needs for transformational results.

Degree Apprenticeships at Lancaster are a cost-effective way of driving up productivity whilst attracting and retaining high-calibre employees and graduates to your business. They offer a great opportunity to develop your new and existing employees through innovative programmes that build knowledge, enhance skills and change behaviours.

We are working with local and national employers to develop industry relevant degree apprenticeships that drive business improvement, enhance productivity and deliver immediate business benefit.

Our Approach

Our reputation is built upon a collaborative approach to organisational development, working with employers to develop powerful learning experiences. Our degree apprenticeships follow in this proud tradition and are designed in collaboration with national and regional employers to maximise impact.

Benefits for Employers

As an employer, degree apprenticeships will help you to attract and retain the very best talent. They enable existing employees to reach their full potential, with 89% of businesses saying apprentices increase productivity. Our degree apprenticeships boost an organisation by building knowledge, enhancing skills and changing behaviours. Working in partnership ensures the best results for the employee, the employer and the organisation. By offering a flexible programme, with modules tailored to sector needs, we ensure your apprentices are gaining relevant knowledge and experience. We integrate national standards with local needs leading to transformational results.

Our Style

Our apprenticeships offer a blend of face-to-face, digital and work-based learning, ensuring learning is applied immediately for maximum impact in the organisation. This mix enables learning to be relevant, timely and tailored to learner needs.

Our unique approach to personal development builds the skills and behaviours that complement knowledge and enhance impact. This personal mastery is characterised by a reflective mindset that enables you to be highly effective at the most senior levels. We develop your practical wisdom: your ability to deal with the complexity of the real world of business and management.

At Lancaster we enhance our degree apprenticeship with masterclasses, deep trust networks and engagement with our Entrepreneurs in Residence and Executives in Residence who bring years of practical knowledge and experience into the classroom.

Design your own degree

At Lancaster we are always looking for opportunities to work with employers who share our passion for learning and the desire to make a difference. As a top ten University, Lancaster connects you with cutting-edge research and helps you translate it into real world action. Our collaborative approach to programme design means that you can design your own degree apprenticeship. Get in touch to work with us to create a degree apprenticeship that meets your organisation’s needs, now and for the future.

Programmes & Funding

Since April 2017, the Government has applied a new levy on employers with a wage bill of £3 million or more. As part of this, employers will contribute 0.5% of their wage bill into a digital account reserved for funding skills development, including degree apprenticeships. In answer to this, our growing suite of Degree Apprenticeships harnesses the power of work-based learning to deliver immediate results. 

Our Programmes

We are currently developing a range of programmes. More details will be announced over the coming months.

To register your interest, please contact us and we'll be in touch.


The apprenticeship levy aims to boost productivity, address the skills gap and encourage knowledge development to meet the unique needs of businesses across the UK.

Employers required to pay the levy

Hiring an apprentice or developing an existing employee through a degree apprenticeship is a cost-effective way to recoup the levy and invest in the future of your business. If you wish to spend more on apprenticeship training than you have in your digital account, you will be able to co-invest in the same way that organisations below the threshold can.

Employers below the levy threshold

If your business is below the levy threshold, you can benefit from co-investment. You will need to make a 10% contribution to the training costs, and the Government will pay the remaining 90%, up to the maximum amount of funding available for that apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeship Grants

Smaller employers may also receive a £1,500 apprenticeship grant if they have less than 50 employees or their apprentice is aged 16 to 24. Employers can claim grant support for up to 5 apprentices.

Further Information

Find the latest information on apprenticeship funding on the website.

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