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Our friendly team are based across the UK and work in close collaboration with schools and colleges to provide opportunities for students and support progression to higher education.

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Fred Binley

Head of UK Student Recruitment

Pronouns: he/him

I’ve worked in admissions, student recruitment and widening participation roles at universities throughout the UK since 2005. As a former Lancaster student, it’s a real honour to lead our UK Student Recruitment team and enthuse the next generation of students to consider Lancaster University for their studies.

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BMus Music, 2004, Lancaster University (Cartmel College)

Black and white image of Fred Binley

Student Recruitment (North)

Black and white image of Jake Brown

Jake Brown

UK Student Recruitment Manager (North)

Pronouns: he/him

Having been at Lancaster for over a decade, both studying as a student and then continuing to work at the University, I’m delighted I now get the chance to share my experiences and the opportunities Lancaster University provides with prospective students from across the country in the fantastic schools and colleges we work with.

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BSc Hons Physical Geography, 2016, Lancaster University and Macquarie University

Image of Nichola Mason

Nichola Mason

Student Recruitment Officer (North West: Lancashire and Cheshire)

Pronouns: she/her

I am responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with schools and colleges across Lancashire and Cheshire. An integral part of my role is working with young people, offering advice and guidance on their pathways towards studying for a degree at university. Previously, I worked with school partnerships within Further Education, and it was here I experienced how valuable accessible and supportive information/guidance is when supporting young people's progression beyond sixth form/college.

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BA Hons Primary Education, 2008, University of Cumbria

Black and white image of Kirk Wadsworth

Kirk Wadsworth

Student Recruitment Officer (North West: Lancashire and Greater Manchester)

I primarily look after schools and colleges in the North West regions of Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Previously, I worked in boarding schools for over 10 years and liaised closely with teachers, students and parents, putting me in a good position to offer advice and guidance on the university landscape and where Lancaster sits within UK university options. After serving 7 years in the Royal Engineers, I returned to education, teaching PE in high school and was head of boarding before joining the team at Lancaster.

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BA Hons Sport Science, 1998, Bangor University

Black and white image of Elle Zientek

Elle Zientek

Student Recruitment Officer (Yorkshire & Humber, North East)

Pronouns: she/her

I primarily act as the key contact for schools and colleges in the North East and Yorkshire & Humber regions. In this role I also deliver presentations and attend events such as HE Fairs to support students with their progression into higher education. I also have an additional role at the University, as a College Adviser for Lonsdale College, whereby I provide pastoral support to current Lancaster students during their time at the University.

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BA Hons English Language & Linguistics, 2018, Lancaster University (The County College)

Callum Gough Icon

Callum Gough

Student Recruitment Officer

Pronouns: he/him

I am the project lead for our on-campus schools and college visits to Lancaster University. I co-operate with careers advisors and staff at educational institutions across the UK to bring post-16 students to Lancaster. I also play an active role in liaising with faculties to deliver subject tasters sessions and masterclasses for these personalised campus visits.

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BA Hons Business with International Management, 2017, Northumbria University

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Darcy Beckett

Student Recruitment Assistant

Pronouns: she/her

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student at Lancaster University it is immensely rewarding to now be able to encourage and support prospective students to do the same. As a Student Recruitment Assistant I engage with students, teachers and carers to offer guidance on post-18 options with a focus on progressing to university. These interactions take the form of HE and careers fairs, as well as the delivery of talks covering topics such as writing personal statements, choosing courses and universities, and student finance and budgeting.

Contact Darcy

BA Hons History, 2022, Lancaster University (The County College), MA History, 2023, Lancaster University (Graduate College)

Black and white image of Henry Blackburn

Henry Blackburn

Student Recruitment Assistant (Isle of Man)

Pronouns: he/him

My role is to help young people make the best decision for them. I work with the team to ensure prospective students make informed choices with their post-18 options. As well as this, I deliver workshops and presentations to many different audiences from students to carers mainly across the North to prepare people for university life, whether that be on Student Finance or choosing the right university or course for you. The role is varied and offers lots to be proud of.

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BA Hons Drama, Theatre & Performance, 2022, Lancaster University (The County College)

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Jacob O'Neill

Student Recruitment Assistant

Pronouns: he/him

I joined the Student Recruitment team in early 2024, having studied History at Lancaster at Bachelor’s, Master’s and then PhD level, specialising in early medieval Britain. I now travel the country supporting recruitment events at schools, colleges and HE exhibitions across the UK, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm about Lancaster University to help young people make the best, most informed choices about their futures and what a university education can do for them.

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BA Hons History, 2017, Lancaster University (Grizedale College), MA History, 2018, Lancaster University (Graduate College), PhD History, 2024 (pending), Lancaster University (Graduate College)

Student Recruitment (Midlands & South)

Lyndsey Spiers

UK Student Recruitment Manager (Midlands & South)

Pronouns: she/her

I have worked for Lancaster University since 2017, initially within the events team managing our student ambassador programme and I am now delighted to be managing our student recruitment teams in the Midlands and South. I graduated with a Master's in Professional Practice and Senior Leadership at Lancaster in December 2021, focussing on long term approaches to student recruitment as part of my 60-credit-project and am looking forward to implementing these suggestions and growing our school engagement regionally.

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BA Hons Event Management, 2008, University of Central Lancashire | MSc Professional Practice and Senior Leadership, 2021, Lancaster University

Black and white image of Jake Brown

Emily Day

Student Recruitment Officer (Midlands)

Pronouns: she/her

I've worked in roles focused on student recruitment, widening participation and the education sector generally for over 13 years. Working alongside Claire, I am responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with schools and colleges across the Midlands. My role is to offer the best support, advice and guidance to students, teachers, advisers as well as parents and supporters across secondary and further education sectors, helping students to make the best choice for their next steps into higher education. I also serve in a voluntary capacity as the Vice-Chair for Training at HELOA.

Contact Emily

BA Hons Business Management and Psychology, 2009, York St John University

Claire Owen

Student Recruitment Officer (Midlands)

Pronouns: she/her

As a Student Recruitment Officer in the Midlands, I’m keen to build meaningful relationships with schools and colleges to support students with their decision making and transition into higher education. I’ve worked as a Careers Adviser in schools and colleges for over 15 years and very much enjoy helping students to understand their post 16 and post 18 options, as well as understanding how to access and navigate careers and labour market information.

Contact Claire

BA Hons Sociology with Social Policy, 2000, University of Warwick


Catherine Brabin

Student Recruitment Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her

After graduating from Lancaster in 2022 I couldn’t get away, and I now work as Student Recruitment Co-Ordinator in the regional team. I work with schools and colleges across the Midlands and South of England to advise and support students through post-16 HE progression. From Belfast to Eastbourne, I’ve attended Careers Fairs and delivered talks and workshops far and wide, and met many wonderful students, teachers and advisors. I also run our monthly Schools and Colleges newsletter, which shares news, updates and more useful advice from us here at Lancaster. I love working with the team, and supporting students through the tricky decision of “what next?”

Contact Catherine

BA Hons Theatre and English Literature, 2022, Lancaster University (The County College)

Image of Catherine Brabin

Maria Clark

Student Recruitment Officer (London & South East)

Pronouns: she/her

Having recently graduated from Lancaster University, I’m the Student Recruitment Officer for London and the South East of England. In this role, I work with schools and colleges across these regions to attend HE fairs, deliver presentations and workshops. My goal is to inform and inspire students regarding their post-16 and post-18 options, and, as a Southerner myself, raise awareness around the benefits of studying in the North.

Contact Maria

BA Hons English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice, 2023, Lancaster University

Black and white image of Hilary Beck

Emma Fallon

Student Recruitment Officer (London & South West)

Pronouns: she/her

I am responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with schools and colleges across London and the South West. An integral part of my role is building a rapport with young people, offering advice and guidance on their progression to Higher Education. I grew up in the South West, and have previous experience at another UK University travelling around the UK delivering talks, various workshops and attending UCAS and HE fairs.

Contact Emma

BSc Hons Geography, 2022, University of Sussex

Black and white image of Emma Fallon

Postgraduate Recruitment

Black and white image of Aki Hanabusa

Jennifer Walker

Student Recruitment Officer (Postgraduate)

Pronouns: she/her

My role is to give advice and guidance to UK students who are thinking of studying at a postgraduate level. As well as providing information about course choice and funding, I am a disability specialist and am able to provide information on the financial and other support available to disabled students studying at all levels at Lancaster University.

Contact Jennifer

BA Hons Media Production, 2003, University of Lincoln | Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Post-16), 2017, University of Central Lancashire

International Student Recruitment

Headshot of Chris Culling

Chris Culling

Regional Officer (Europe and International Schools)

Pronouns: he/him

Prior to commencing my role at Lancaster, I have worked in Higher Education admissions and trained as a secondary science teacher. Now, alongside my role as Regional Officer for Europe I am responsible for initiating, maintaining, and developing relationships with international schools around the world. Through conferences, fairs, and school visits I work with agents and school counsellors to ensure that students are as well-informed as possible when considering Lancaster as an option for Higher Education study.

Contact Chris

MBIOL Zoology, 2017, University of Leeds | PGCE in Secondary Science, 2021, Red Kite Teacher Training

Headshot of Tom Malcolm

Tom Malcolm

Regional Officer (UK International)

Pronouns: he/him

I work supporting international students in the UK with their applications to study our UG and PG programmes. After graduating from Lancaster, I worked as a teacher in Hong Kong and Laos, then returned to London running activity programmes for young people. Now I work for Lancaster from London where I visit schools and education fairs to provide information on admissions, personal statements, interview skills and more.

Contact Tom

BSc Geography, 2012, Lancaster University (Grizedale College)