The cost of studying abroad

Tuition Fees 2019 - 2020

You pay tuition fees to Lancaster University during your study period. 

If you study abroad for a full year, you pay 15%* of your normal tuition fee to Lancaster. For home/EU fee-paying students, this is £1385 for 2019/20. If you study abroad for one term, you will be charged your full tuition fee (100%).

You do not pay any tuition fees to your host university. However, the amount due to Lancaster varies depending on whether you study for one term or for the full academic year.

Erasmus+ Programme

If you study or work in the EU/EEA through at any of Lancaster University's Erasmus+ partners, most students who apply for an Erasmus+ grant will receive one.

Accommodation and subsistence costs

If you are planning to study abroad outside the EU, you will be required to prove that you have funding to support yourself. Each country will ask for a different amount and at a different stage in the application process. You do not have to have the full amount required in your bank account. You can show you have funds from different sources including your student loan, savings, scholarships, bursaries or from family.


Cost in local currency

Cost in £

When do you need to show this amount


US $12,000 - $24,338

£9,345 – £18,962

Partner University Application stage


AUD $20,290


Visa application (Spring)


CND $10,000 (Quebec $11,000)

£5,885 (Quebec £6,474)

Visa application (Spring)

New Zealand

NZD $15,000


Visa application (Spring)

Hong Kong

HKD $120,000


 Visa application (Spring)

Other costs

This table will give you a rough guide to living costs in different countries. You will also have to budget for at least one return flight in the year (more if you plan to come home during holidays, or travel in country).

It is compulsory for you to have medical insurance when you are studying abroad. Depending on the country you are going to, this will mean taking out the host university’s policy, a national student policy or finding your own.

You will also need appropriate travel insurance to cover your personal possessions while you are at your host university and when travelling in the country.

Text books, particularly in the USA, are very expensive. You may be able to buy second-hand copies but check they are the most recent edition or use Library copies.

Based on 2018/19 prices

Boston College, USA

US $

University of Iowa, USA

US $

Griffith University, Australia

Aus $

City University of Hong Kong

HK $ 

WU Wien, Austria

Euros €

Room and Board






Books and Supplies






Medical Insurance






Personal Expenses

5,000 - 3,200 18,000 310

Additional Costs

510 600 1,900 - -

Total (currency)






Total (GB Pounds)






You will receive further information about costs in Michaelmas and Lent terms. Remember to work out hoe much it costs to be at Lancasteer. Your student loans and scholarships will transfer abroad on most cases.

Funding sources

Student Finance

Students who are eligible for a UK Student Finance loan will be entitled to extra money if they are studying abroad for a full year. In 2018/19 this is a maximum of £9,963 (13,000 US $,18,000 Aus $, 17,000 Canadaian $)

You may also be eligible for help with the costs of travel, visas and medical insurance while abroad. This support is means tested and you can find information at funding your study abroad placement.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Any Scholarships or Bursaries that you are awarded by Lancaster University will continue when you are abroad, subject to the regulations relating to the award.

There are also a number of competitive scholarships available to students who are studying abroad (based on 2018/19).

The Fulbright Commission offers financial support for students studying in the USA.

Occasionally, some of our partners also offer scholarships to study abroad students.

College Travel Grants are also available to students offering up to £150. Please talk to your College Manager for further information.