Hilary Barraclough shortlisted for Academic Venue Solutions' Excellence in Environmental Sustainability Award

Hilary Barraclough at a conference event

Academic Venue Solutions, a leading organisation in the events and conference industry, has announced the shortlisting of Hilary Barraclough for the prestigious Excellence in Environmental Sustainability award.

The award nomination recognises Hilary's outstanding contributions and commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the Lancaster University Conferences and Events+ team.

Hilary Barraclough,Head of Business Development & Academic Events Service, has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of environmental sustainability and its importance at Lancaster University. Prior to the University declaring a Climate Emergency in 2020, Hilary had already implemented a sustainability plan for conferences and events at the University.

Through her innovative initiatives and efforts, Hilary has successfully reduced printing and paper waste by providing digital alternatives such as a conference delegate app and digital wayfinding using Mazemap. Hilary also worked with the Food & Dining team to create plant-based menus for conferences, produce homemade branded biscuits for event stands using locally sourced produce, and replace all plastic merchandise with recycled alternatives.

The Conferences and Events+ team actively promotes sustainability and Hilary’s latest challenge is to reduce car travel to campus events by offering bus passes to delegates and encouraging sustainable travel.

Hilary's achievements will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to others at Lancaster University and beyond.

Academic Venue Solutions will announce the winner of the Excellence in Environmental Sustainability award at the upcoming ceremony in December, which promises to be a platform for sharing best practices and fostering collaboration towards a more sustainable future.

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