Lent Term environmental successes with Green Lancaster

The Green Lancaster team

After a break from Lent Term, Green Lancaster takes a moment to reflect on its triumphs and catch up on everything happening in and around campus.

At Green Lancaster has had one of its busiest terms yet - from trips to collaborations and maintaining our weekly ECOWild sessions.

In terms of trips, the team went to Hardknott Forest, The Eden Project North, Claver Hill Farm, Relic Plastic, Leyland Waste Centre, as well as many trips to Forrest Hills. Throughout these excursions attendees understood more about their own impact on the environment, from exploring where waste goes, to learning more about community growing projects and how food can be grown locally; the team ascertained how humanity is negatively impacting the ecosystem and what can be done to combat it.

To supplement adventures off-campus, Green Lancaster welcomed Sewing Cafe Lancaster for a collaborative session all about repairing and re-purposing, corresponding with one of Green Lancaster's main goals - Resources and Circular Economy, prioritising the shared and circular economies as the modal solutions. In addition to this, the team collaborated with the Freshwater Biological Association where students gained brilliant Freshwater Citizen Training, taking Naturalness assessments of Lake Carter, which was later submitted to Natural England.

In addition, Green Lancaster continued to support the Grounds Team in enhancing biodiversity on campus. The team planted 320 trees through LUSU’s Tree’s for Votes scheme, removed invasive rhododendron and even created a new hedgerow! You can read more about the ECOWild triumphs in Lent term here.

Another important moment for Green Lancaster this term was the ECOChallenge! There were so many innovative and environmentally conscious ideas from groups, all with the focus on minimising waste on campus. This year's winners were Lonsdale with their concept LonsDRY! They aimed to reduce the usage of expensive and environmentally inefficient tumble dryers, through the creation of outdoor lockers to air dry clothes. The 2023 ECOChallenge winners ECOEats have had an action-packed term with community-run cooking sessions.

Regarding mindfulness and environmental initiatives, Green Lancaster participated in LU Mental Health Day, the Live Well Expo, and hosted 2 Wild Wellbeing Sessions. These efforts showcase the group's dedication to promoting mental health among students and staff, as well as advocating for the benefits of connecting with nature.

Green Lancaster has had one of its busiest terms, filled with lots of collaborative events, enthusiastic volunteers and engaging ECOWild events, through which they have fully immersed themselves in every aspect of thier connection with nature.

To stay informed about upcoming Green Lancaster events, simply follow their Instagram page @greenlancaster or join the Green Lancaster Community Channel. Stay connected and up-to-date with all their events!

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