ReStore Lancaster: refill, reuse and recycle

Refill station in ReStore

Since launching in October, ReStore Lancaster has been helping staff and students shop more sustainably on campus, and now has taken this even further by introducing an in-store refill station.

The refill station features eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products, provided by Miniml who use natural ingredients and are a movement to do more with less, by offering people a zero-waste solution. Products on sale include a shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash and a surface cleaner, so you can get all your must have cleaning and personal care products whilst embracing the circular economy and helping to eliminate waste.

Simply, pop in, purchase a bottle to refill, take one donated from the basket or bring your own and refill, reuse, repeat – saving plastic and money. The cost of the products will be calculated by how much you would like for example 30ml of shampoo will cost 15p and 510ml will cost £2.55.

How do I refill?

Step 1 – Choose your bottle

Pick up one of our bottles on sale, bring your own clean bottle or take a donated bottle from the basket provided.

Step 2 – Pick your product

Ask a member of our friendly team to fill it up with your favourite refillable haircare, shower gel, hand wash or surface cleaner.

Step 3 – Bring it back

Once you’ve used all the product in your bottle, give it a good rinse and dry, bring it back and refill it. No more single-use plastic!

Get involved

Next time you’re strolling through Alexandra Square, pop into ReStore Lancaster. Whether you’re hunting for a vintage denim jacket or refilling your shampoo bottle, you’ll be part of something bigger—a movement towards an eco-friendly future. You can also help us by donating your unwanted clean plastic bottles for others to refill/reuse – just drop them off at the shop during opening hours.

ReStore Lancaster – open Monday-Friday 11am-5pm Refill station inside ReStore

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