Wholesome Wild Urban Spaces Adventure

Green Lancaster members on a Wholesome Wild Urban Spaces Adventure event

An amazing Green Lancaster Adventure explored green spaces surrounding the city, including Scotch Quarry urban park, Fairfield Nature Reserve and the Canal. This was an opportunity to reflect on nature's place in our local urban environment. This adventure involved reflections on the importance of nature in urban settings interlinked with wellbeing and exploring how nature connects communities!

At Scotch Quarry we visited the community garden learning about local community projects growing food and enhancing nature. There was also discussion about the importance of urban green spaces for wildlife and people. Then we walked through the lower beautiful autumnal woodland section of the park heading down the hill towards the canal. At the Fairfield nature reserve we explored the community orchard, Fauna reserve and Flora fields. At the fairy circle we took time to have a tea break and biscuits. This was followed by a mindful moment in which Anna lead a few minutes of grounding and appreciation for the natural world around us followed by an activity tuning into each sense.

This is a beautiful reflection about the trip by Christine: “Exploring Lancaster's green spaces was an inspiring journey. It was the first time I heard the sound of the forest, similar to the waves of the sea, smelled the vitality of different plant scents, and felt the energy brought by the coexistence of rivers, wind, rain, and plants. I found myself enjoying everything in a very peaceful and serene way. Nature, to me, is the vital force, a return to inner peace and reflection. In the future, I want to spend more time with my family, friends, and students, immersing ourselves in nature, feeling the harmonious peace and balance, and making more efforts to protect the ecology.” by Christine (a visiting scholar from GDUFS, China)

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