Students walk through Bowland Quad


Each year, our Welcome programme features a range of social and academic events designed to help ease you in to university life. 

We know how important the welcome period is to our new students. It’s a chance to meet new people, learn about Lancaster and become part of our community.

Our Welcome Week programme - sometimes known as freshers' week - will take place immediately after Arrivals Weekend, from Monday 2 October until Sunday 8 October 2023.

Access the Welcome schedule

Visit the Welcome programme schedule to access event details for Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week.

It's important to set the filters to display events that are available to you.

Welcome Schedule 2023

Please be aware that...

Events will continue to be added to the schedule and some details may change. So please check back regularly for any updates before and during Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week.


If you experience any technical issues, please report them to ISS.

If you have a query about an event within the schedule and you know which team or department is managing it, you can contact the team or department directly. If you aren't sure, please simply get in touch with the ASK team.