Meet the Team

We have a large and experienced team who are able to provide information, advice and guidance to encourage students to explore their Higher Education options.

Our Global Recruitment Team work closely with schools and colleges to deliver presentations and workshops on a variety of topics relating to Higher Education. Our Events Team co-ordinate activities on campus including Open Days, school visits and Applicant Visit Days

Global Recruitment Office


Dan Barcroft Head of Global Student Recruitment Office 01524593724
Holly Muckle Global Student Recruitment Administrator 01524592188
Caroline Horsfall Global Student Recruitment Administrator 01524592037
Josh Dean Business Development Manager 01524592462
Sue Hubbard Evaluation Officer 01524593091

UK and European Recruitment Team

Karen Burns Acting Head of UK and European Recruitment 01524593725
Alice Monaghan Acting Head of UK and European Recruitment 01524592391
Dan Flanagan Student Recruitment Officer 01524595138
Nichola Coleman Student Recruitment Officer 01524592571
Alex Atkinson Student Recruitment Officer 01524594994
Tom Malcolm
UK International Student Recruitment Officer  01524593724
Andros Papadopoulos Cyprus Office  
Elle Zientek Student Recruitment Assistant 01524593744
Jonathan Parks Student Recruitment Assistant 01524592210
Adam Stockley Student Recruitment Assistant 01524592571
Hayley Niven Student Recruitment Assistant 01524593707



International Recruitment Team

Karl Abbey Head of International Recruitment 01524593982
Mutty Dad Regional Manager 01524595191
Xiao Cui Regional Manager 01524592719
Bingbing Ge China Office  
Licheceng Xie China Office  
Kirsten Mingins Regional Manager 01524594044
Claire Boak Regional Manager 01524592240
Jamie Vegad Regional Manager 01524592932

Events Team

Kathryn Lambert Head of Recruitment Events and Visitor Experience   01524592469
James Davies Recruitment Events Officer 01524592199
Laura McGowan Recruitment Events Officer 01524594747
Anne Spicer Events Support Manager 01524593152
Georgia Dickinson Recruitment and Events Assistant 01524510714
Paul Wood Recruitment and Outreach Events Assistant 01524593232
Beth Kendrick Recruitment and Outreach Events Assistant 01524594885
Lyndsey Spiers Student Staff Manager 01524510748


If you are interested in the opportunities that are available, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are unsure about who to contact, please contact or call 01524 593724 and we can direct you to the relevant person.