Dr Amy Gibbons

Faculty Impact Manager



A step into the unknown: universities and the governance of regional economic development
Pugh, R.E., Hamilton, E.E., Jack, S.L., Gibbons, A.C. 07/2016 In: European Planning Studies. 24, 7, p. 1357-1373. 17 p.
Journal article

Local growth hubs: a UK model of city revitalization and business support
Gibbons, A. 5/05/2015

What roles for universities in new "local growth" dimensions?: Insights from the emerging "growth hubs" programme
Ronan, N., Pugh, R., Gibbons, A. 2015
Conference paper

Classification work and the Freedom of Information Act 2000
Gibbons, A. 09/2012 Lancaster University. 334 p.
Doctoral Thesis

A double-edged sword: what are the implications of freedom of information for the HE sector?
Gibbons, A. 2011 In: Ariadne. 67
Journal article

Classification [at] work: the Freedom of Information Act 2000
Gibbons, A. 06/2010
Conference paper

Research outside the Freedom of Information Act: a critique of 'privileged access' practices in government
Gibbons, A. 14/09/2009

Networks and resistance: investigating online advocacy networks as a modality for resisting state surveillance
Introna, L., Gibbons, A. 2009 In: Surveillance and Society. 6, 3, p. 233-258. 26 p.
Journal article

Surveying the surveyors: using meta-surveillance to enact visibility and accountability
Gibbons, A. 04/2008
Conference paper