Dr Neil McLatchie


Research Overview

My primary research interests are emotions and how they relate to prosocial and antisocial behaviours. My work on emotions extends in to other fields of psychology including how people punish transgressions and deception. Outside of my work on emotions, other research interests include perceptions of science.

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Journal article

Four reasons to prefer Bayesian analyses over significance testing
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Journal article

Are baby animals less appetizing?: Tenderness towards baby animals and appetite for meat
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Journal article

Moral pride: benefits and challenges of experiencing and expressing pride in one’s moral achievements
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‘Imagined guilt’ versus ‘recollected guilt’: implications for fMRI
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Journal article

Proprioceptive drift without illusions of ownership for rotated hands in the 'rubber hand illusion' paradigm
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Denying humanness to others: a newly discovered mechanism by which violent video games increase aggressive behavior
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