Student Support Principles

The statement of principles below summarises Lancaster University’s policy on student support for students registered on its undergraduate and postgraduate full-time and part-time degree programmes.

The policy is supplemented and supported by more detailed internal guidance documentation.

Lancaster University aims to:

  • provide easily accessible academic, welfare and career planning support which aids and encourages all students to build upon their capacity for advanced study, to develop their appetite for intellectual and personal growth and to benefit from university life
  • adopt a student-centred approach in which access to high-quality support across a range of areas is provided by different agencies in a way which best meets each student's individual circumstances and needs
  • communicate clearly and comprehensively to students the range and value of all the services available to them
  • offer academic and other guidance to enable students to make well-informed decisions about their study pathway and future progression into work and/or advanced study
  • provide access to specialist advisers as needed, to support academic learning and research
  • provide specialised advice on career choice and how to pursue opportunities for employment, internships, volunteering and other life-enhancing activities
  • provide helpful, sympathetic and timely support and advice to students on matters relating to health, disability, finances, immigration and other personal issues