Wellbeing badges

Residents' Handbook

Health & Wellbeing

Going to University is a challenging and exciting experience. We provide accommodation for a diverse range of students from different backgrounds and expect residents to be tolerant and flexible to create a happy living environment and benefit our college communities.

Some people can find the transition harder than others. If you find things are overwhelming, please talk to someone – your Accommodation Manager or College Advisor Team will help in any way that they can, and there is a range of other help available from Student Services via the Base, located in Alexandra Square. Talking might seem like the last thing you would want to do but you’d be surprised by how common some worries and negative feelings are.

GP services

We recommend that you register with a doctor as soon as possible after arriving in Lancaster. Many students choose to register with the campus medical practice, which you can contact by dialling 01524 387780. It’s open between 8.00am and 6.00pm, but you can also get help outside of these hours by dialling 111, or in case of emergency by ringing Security on 01524 594541.

First aid, accidents and illness

The University has in excess of 90 fully trained first aiders across campus. If you require first aid assistance you should contact your College Porter.

If you have an accident in the college, you must complete an accident form, available from your Porter, within 48 hours. If you are taken ill, let someone know as soon as possible so we can help. If you (or a guest) suffers from any infectious disease, notify the Porter immediately.


Smoking in university buildings (including the accommodation) is against the law. If you smoke outside, you must not do it near to doors or windows, or such that you cause nuisance to others. The use of e-cigarettes is also banned.

Where rooms are inspected and found to smell of smoke charges to clean and redecorate them will be imposed.

Note that illegally interfering with fire precaution equipment to smoke is a disciplinary offence and may result in exclusion from University accommodation.

Personal safety

Our campus is very safe, with CCTV for your safety and night patrols by our Security personnel. You shouldn’t take unnecessary risks though, and if you witness any incident (whether directed towards you or someone else), please report it to a Porter or another member of staff. Such reports are treated in confidence unless we are legally obliged to pass information on. If you’re going out, tell someone when you’ll be back, especially if you’re away overnight. Keep to proper footpaths and well lit areas, avoid walking alone, and never leave drinks unattended in bars or clubs.

Emergency calls

If you need medical advice you can call 111 in the UK, or visit 111.nhs.uk. If the operator thinks you need an ambulance they will call you one. In the event of an emergency that requires the assistance of the police or the ambulance service you should dial 999. Make sure that you also inform University Security by dialling 01524 594541, in order that the response can be met by a Security Offcer and guided to your location.


The University will not condone the use of prohibited substances and considers its use to be a disciplinary offence. If you feel you are having problems with drugs or are worried about somebody else that is, don’t hesitate to seek advice from within our support network.


There is a national vaccination programme to offer inoculations for Meningitis C to all under 18s and students in their first year at University. If you were not vaccinated against Meningitis C at school, contact your GP as soon as possible. This vaccine does not protect against Meningitis B so be aware of the symptoms. They can vary but are not unlike flu (or in some cases hangovers). If you begin to suffer from some of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately: Severe headache; stiff neck and possibly other joints; dislike of bright lights; drowsiness/lack of coherence/lethargy; fever and/or vomiting; a rash (spots or bruising under the skin which do not turn white when pressed eg with a glass).

Banned items

No firearms, imitation firearms, blades or weapons of any kind may be brought onto campus or into the accommodation.