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Show Flats

Many prospective students visit Lancaster before they apply, and viewing the accommodation is important to them. We have show flats all over campus that help us to offer this and reward students living in them for their contribution.

We have opportunities for incoming students to live together in show flats in the following areas:

  • Standard accommodation in Bowland, Furness and Pendle Colleges
  • Superior Ensuite accommodation in Cartmel, Fylde and Lonsdale Colleges
  • Townhouse accommodation in County and Grizedale Colleges

How does it work?

Over the course of the year the University runs visit days to prospective students who would like to view our accommodation. As someone living in a show flat you and your flat mates will be invited in to show your room and flat (in pre-arranged slots on set days) to groups of visitors. You may have attended a visit day yourself and perhaps remember how important it is to be able to see students living in their accommodation.

You won’t be required to show your room at every visit but we envisage needing you to do it two or three times during Michaelmas and Summer terms, and up to five or six times during the Lent term. Some of these visits take place during the week but many of the events happen on Saturdays, so you would need to be available for a proportion of these as well.


In recognition of you taking part you will be given £300 worth of 'Eat' credit on your University card, which you can spend in most of the University-run catering outlets for food and soft drinks. The credits will be added to your account on a termly basis (£100 per term).

If you are living a Townhouses (where cleaning is not normally provided) we also provide a cleaning service to help you keep this area presentable for visitors.

Who are we looking for?

You'll need to live cleanly and tidily but will at least be surrounded by others doing the same. You'll also need to be comfortable speaking to visitors about your accommodation, but we'll give the whole group a quick overview of what's expected once you get here.

To apply, simply select the 'show flat' option in your application.