Alumni Inspire at Black Excellence Event

Alumni speakers provided students with inspirational talks at the Black Excellence Networking Event on campus in May. 

This event was founded by social enterprise One Love Radio, a student-led organisation that provides a platform for students in Lancaster to celebrate pan-Africanism through education, events and music. 

The Black Excellence Networking Event started in 2016 as a hands-on way to tackle the employment disparities that BME people face due to structural inequalities, by providing opportunities to network, gain valuable insight and de-bunk negative stereotypes of BME. All students, regardless of their background, had the chance to build invaluable networks, meet global businesses, hear from high profile guest speakers and take part in employability enhancement workshops. Our alumni speakers were Ronke Lawal (Director and Founder, Ariatu Public Relations), and Faith Adebola Adebayo (Management Consulting Analyst, Accenture), whilst Tendayi Wilson Mazaiwana showcased his business SMSJuice Ltd (Director and Founder). 

Event founder Sofia Akel and co-project manager Tolu Adeshina commented, “Endorsement from the university and alumni support is so important for an event like this to work. We all really benefited from hearing about the experiences and achievements of the alumni and went away feeling inspired.” 

Ronke Lawal also stated she was “very proud to be a Lancaster Alumni” after attending and speaking at the event. 

The event is due to take place every year, including this coming Black History Month in October 2017. Without our financial sponsors, guests, businesses and incredible alumni support this event wouldn’t have been possible. To sponsor or get involved with our next event please contact founder Sofia Akel at 

One Love Radio: