Lancaster Degree Programme Promotion in Sri Lanka

Lancaster Degree Programme Promotion in Sri Lanka -

In 2011, Chandima Perera returned  to Sri Lanka from Lancaster University having obtained a MSc in Networking and Internet Systems.  

In 2015, one of his close colleagues from Lancaster, Dr Kelum Gamage, who is currently a Lecturer at the University and an alumnus, contacted him. Curiously enough his inquiry perfectly fitted to what he was professionally engaged as the Partnership Manager of Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) – a subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom plc. He immediately apprised his Senior Management about the possibility of an academic collaboration. The President of SLTC, Mr Ranjith Rubasinghe assisted and encouraged him to pursue the initiative. A few months Later, Dr Gamage visited Sri Lanka with Dr Michele Luxon and Dr Phillip Benachour from Lancaster. During the initial phase of this partnership, both parties explored the possibilities of offering a 2+2 and 2+3 degree programmes that would allow SLTC students to obtain BEng and MEng degrees from Lancaster University. After several rounds of joint discussions both institutes have now agreed to establish the joint degree programme. Chandima is also keen to mention the special support extended by Dad Mutty from Lancaster and  Dr Ashoka Polpitiya and Dr Udesh Oruthota from SLTC for the successful outcome of the collaboration. 

In October 2016, he returned to Lancaster as a member of the delegation to represent his institute, SLTC. The delegation was led by Chairman, Mr Kumarasinghe Sirisena and several fruitful discussions were held. The parties agreed to explore the possibilities of conducting joint research and finalised an agency agreement that would allow SLTC to promote Lancaster University degree programmes in Sri Lanka. At the conclusion of the visit, SLTC invited Dr Kelum Gamage to be the first Associate Visiting Professor of SLTC.  

Photo shows left to right : Dr Kelum Gamage, Mr Kumarasinghe Sirisena, Prof Steve Bradley, Mr Ranjith G. Rubasinghe , Mr Chandima Perera, Ms Lydia Mascarenhas