So You Want to be an Environmental Scientist?

So You Want to be an Environmental Scientist? - Freyja Scarborough, one of the undergraduates involved in the project

Funding from the Friends Programme enabled three undergraduate students to gain valuable work and life experience within the field of environmental science.

‘So you want to be an environmental scientist?’ is the brainchild of Beth Brockett, a PhD student currently studying at Lancaster. She made it her mission to employ three undergraduates (including Freyja Scarborough, pictured above) so that they could improve their field and laboratory skills in order to develop themselves further. They recorded their journey on their group blog.

In Summer 2013, the group delivered an open farm event with the Cumbrian Farmer Network, the British Ecological Society and Natural England, which was deemed a great success.  The purpose was to help farmers and farm advisors understand the science behind future agricultural environment schemes with the attendees agreeing that ‘this kind of event is definitely a step in the right direction’.

The students then prepared a seminar event at Lancaster which highlighted their experiences and provided hints and tips for all environmental science students who want to obtain practical experience or who want more information about life as a field scientist. Amy Dickinson, award beneficiary, LEC graduate and Research Assistant for the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, described her experience as ‘an ideal chance to gain science based experience out of academic studies… the seminar was a great way to show myself that it’s not too difficult to speak in public and it felt great to pass on some knowledge to peers of my own’.

For more information on the project visit the Planet Earth website and Landbridge Blog.