Welcome Back for the Grand Alumni Reunion

Welcome Back for the Grand Alumni Reunion - Alumni celebrate the 50th anniversary

Alumni from as far afield as  Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Peru travelled to Lancaster University on Saturday to take a trip down memory lane and join in the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Some 280 guests, alumni and staff, attended a Grand Alumni Dinner in the Great Hall hosted by Vice-Chancellor Professor Mark E. Smith.

Guest of honour and alumnus speaker was Game of Thrones actor Roger Ashton-Griffiths, who studied music at Lancaster University from 1975 to 1978.

“It was a life-changing experience being at Lancaster University,” he said. “Travelling back up yesterday brought back deep and fond memories of being in this part of the world.”
Director of Alumni, Development and Events at Lancaster University Nick Fragel said the relationship with alumni was very important.

“We build a long-term relationship with graduates and they become part of this extended family for life if they choose to do so. Today is a celebration of 50 years of success for Lancaster University and 50 years of great alumni relationships.”

Many alumni guests contributed photographs, student publications, examination papers and goodwill messages to the special anniversary exhibition on show all day in the Peter Scott Gallery.
Professor Smith and senior colleagues connected with alumni parties all over the world, including Korea and China, during the day by Skype.

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