Alumni Wedding at Bolton Abbey

Alumni Wedding at Bolton Abbey -

Amy and Ben on their wedding day (courtesy of Chris Milner Photography)

Congratulations to newlyweds and alumni Dr Ben Mayfield and Dr Amy Gibbons who married at Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire in March 2017

Amy and Ben met at Lancaster University in 2006 when Amy was commencing her Masters in IT, Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC) and Ben was in the 1st year of his PhD into the Countryside and Rights of Way Act in the Law School. Amy also went on to study a PhD in the Management School and they both graduated with their doctorates, on the same day, in December 2012. 

Following their studies both Amy and Ben have continued to work at Lancaster University as the Faculty Impact Manager for Science and Technology and a Lecturer in the Law School respectively. We wish them every happiness and success in their future lives together.