Big Walk to Work

Big Walk to Work -

Mike applying his engineering skills!

Alumnus Mike Haynes was diagnosed last April with advanced bowel cancer which was far too late for treatment to be curative.

He faced his illness and treatment bravely until sadly losing the battle just before Christmas 2013.

Throughout his career Mike (MSc Management Information, 1989, Furness) helped many people including through working overseas with VSO in PNG and Zambia and in the NHS in England where he worked to improve health outcomes for others, although most of the beneficiaries of his legacy will never even know his name. Mike also participated in work with Emeritus Professor of Systems at Lancaster, Peter Checkland.

One of the companies with whom he worked was IMS Maxims whose CEO, Shane Tickell, is undertaking the Big Walk To Work in Mike’s Memory.  On Friday, May 16th 2014, Shane will set off from home in Kendal to walk to his UK Head Office in Milton Keynes.  212 miles over eight days – a marathon a day.

The objective is twofold: firstly to help increase awareness of the early signs of cancer so as to aid earlier diagnosis and treatment; secondly, to raise money for Cancer Care and Cancer Research.

Mike would have been humbled to know that this event was taking place in his name but would at the same time would have been pleased to see something good coming out of the tragedy of his passing.

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