Bright Lights and White Nights for Andy

Bright Lights and White Nights for Andy -
Andy Carter (Criminology and Sociology, 2009, Lonsdale) has published his first novel.

‘Bright Lights and White Nights’ is a crime-fiction adventure which comes out in April 2015 and is published by Proverse.

Andy honed his writing style whilst at Lancaster and looks back on his university days with extreme fondness. It was whilst doing his third year dissertation, with the assistance of published writer and Sociology lecturer, Bulent Diken, that Andy realised he enjoyed writing. It was around this time that he made the decision that he would attempt to write a novel at some point in the future. Many of the characters and capers in his story are strongly influenced by people he met and times he had at Lancaster.

Andy particularly enjoyed the community spirit of the campus-based University and being a stereotypically lazy student, rarely left the campus unless it was for a night out in Lancaster’s premier nightspots. Some eight years ago, in one such nightspot - Cuba - an inebriated Andy unintentionally stumbled into the girl’s toilets and met Louise, with whom he now lives in Leeds.

Andy was a member of Lonsdale’s football team (predominantly the C-team which gives a strong indication of his footballing ability), averaged five Spa baguettes a week, went to the Lake District once in three years and met an incredible array of weird and wonderful people during his time at Lancaster.