Coming Back to Campus

Dr Anthony Manning (1994, French & German Studies, Lonsdale) had cause to revisit Lancaster for the first time in 21 years

He was visiting Lancaster to attend a work related event and took the opportunity to revisit Bailrigg. He commented:

'Although I haven't been able to visit campus since I graduated in 1994, my time here is never far from my thoughts. I found the whole experience at Lancaster, and during my year abroad, so transformational and empowering. That's both in terms of what I learnt and who I met.  

Finally having the chance to visit Lancaster this week has been both eye-opening, in terms of the great development which has taken place, and comforting, given that I can still recognise many of the features of campus which I remember so well.  

The thoughtful tour which Jane, from the Alumni Office provided shows that the staff at Lancaster are still committed to providing an excellent experience and the rain only added to my nostalgia. 

Note to self: don't leave it 20 years before the next trip.'