Continued Success for Mentoring Scheme

Continued Success for Mentoring Scheme -

Dave Morris and Ghalia Khan Niazi

The Lancaster Careers Mentoring Scheme closing event took place on 8th May.

The University's Careers Service was delighted to welcome alumni back to campus for the closing event of the mentoring scheme. Alumni and other supporters have been providing careers mentoring for current students during the academic year. The event was an opportunity to thank those who took part in the scheme and to bring mentors and mentees together. Dave Morris (BA American Studies, 1998, Furness) is a Change and Culture consultant, Rolls-Royce plc and has been mentoring student, Ghalia Khan Niazi (Marketing, Lonsdale): "It's great to have another chance to help others in the next stage of their careers. It also means I can give something back to the University, as well as continue to develop my mentoring skills. Working with Ghalia has been fantastic. She's really clear on what she wants to achieve and is open-minded and interested to learn about how my experiences could help her. Our conversations have ranged from long term career planning to CV advice to a beginners guide to corporate life. Mentoring is a personal experience. Getting it right can be very much a case of 'learning on the job', particularly when you start to establish the relationship. It should leave both parties feeling motivated and rewarded."

Ghalia commented: "Each mentor is different. As my degree involved a placement scheme, Dave helped me with my CVs and applications and also talked to me with real world experience about the business world which I was able to take on board and helped me during assessment centres. Mentoring has helped me to understand the business world in a different way and has showed me that I definitely want to go into this sector. Dave has said he will always be an email away if I need any help with anything else, and I definitely will keep in touch with him as a mentor isn't just for this scheme only, a mentor can be for your whole life!"

If you are interested in being a careers mentor for a current Lancaster student, email Claire Lawrenson.