Do You Remember 'The Sheep Are Nervous?'

Do You Remember 'The Sheep Are Nervous?' -

'The Sheep Are Nervous' Perform in the Sugar House in 1988 (Photo by Paul Lees)

During 1987-88 there was a popular folk-punk band at Lancaster named ' The Sheep Are Nervous'.

During that time they performed 30 gigs at the University and in Lancaster including three appearances at the Sugar House.  In May 1988 they released an album as a cassette (before the introduction of CDs) entitled Nervous Breakdown - The Lancaster Years, which featured 14 tracks. Anyone studying or working at Lancaster University during that time would probably have heard of the band as they were frequently in SCAN, the student newspaper, and  the gigs were well publicised with humorous posters scattered around the campus. To mark the 25th anniversary, the album is now available on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify and other web music services under the Mighty Fine Music label. If anyone remembers and enjoyed the music it can now be obtained in a current format!

Band from left to right:

Harvey Rodda (banjo), Martin Pannet (bass), Jim Walton (acoustic guitar, vocals), Sarah Bibby (fiddle) Shamus McGurk (drums, partly obscured) Siobhain Whitty (vocals) Paul Burnell (vocals), Mark Senior (electric guitar). There was also Mona Ibrahim, who was fiddle player in 1987 before returning to the USA and Peter Cox, the long term roadie.