Frank's MBA Prompts the Release of his Debut Album

Frank's MBA Prompts the Release of his Debut Album -

Frank and his debut album

Adrian ‘Frank’ Ford (MBA 2009) announces the release of his debut album ‘White Light 1.0’.

The album is a piano solo concept studio album and its roots were firmly established during his time at Lancaster.  “The length and breadth of the MBA experience gave me the confidence to diversify into other industry sectors”, explains Frank, “Even one as challenging and high risk as the music industry. The New Venture Challenge module of the course helped cultivate the budding entrepreneur in me, gaining a great understanding of the process of following an idea through to a finished product.  Also learnings from the creativity components greatly assisted the writing process.” All eight album tracks are original compositions penned by Frank himself.

Indeed, it was the Lancaster MBA exchange programme summer university at Wirtschaftsuniversität (WU) Vienna in 2009 which rekindled Frank’s interest in musical composition. “I hadn’t written anything since the nineties but being immersed in a city with such a strong musical heritage and culture could not fail to be inspirational.” says Frank. “The marketing content of the WU course nicely complemented that of the Lancaster MBA and I applied the strategies therein to bring this new product to market in the most cost effective way.”

‘White Light 1.0’ is available to download now from iTunes and other channels.