Glyn Rediscovers His Drawing - Nearly Thirty Years On!

Glyn Jones (Visual Arts, 1990, Fylde) was recently reunited with a drawing from his time at Lancaster in 1990

"I was recently invited to a reception on campus and I thought it would be nice to track down the drawing I did in the Summer of 1990.  It was a commision from the then Dean of County College. I remember drawing the tree from what was then a common room spending around an hour a day for about a week. The drawing is very detailed and I had developed a technique of using ball point pen!  I remember putting a lot of effort into the drawing because it was one of the first artworks I ever sold. A few years later I heard that the Dean had died and I wondered what had happened to the drawing. I stayed in Lancaster and made a career in Art teaching and developing my art at Luneside Artist Studios in Lancaster. I did, in fact, try to find my drawing  a few years ago . A Porter at County around the year 2000 told me that he knew of the drawing, but wasn't sure where it had ended up. .He even said it had inspired him to take up art!  I recently came across Mathew the Assistant Dean of County and a friend of my girlfriend at a social gathering on campus and purely by chance he told me that he knew where my drawing was. So after 28 years we were reunited!"