History Repeats Itself for the Wilsons

History Repeats Itself for the Wilsons - Ellie and Tom with his parents, Judith and Jeremy

Ellie and Tom with his parents, Judith and Jeremy

Graduation from Lancaster University is a family affair for the Wilsons

Jeremy and Judith Wilson both graduated with a Biology degree in 1976.

Forty years later, their son Tom has graduated with a Physics degree and his girlfriend Ellie with a degree in English Literature.

The two couples even attended the same colleges, with Jeremy and Tom studying at Pendle and Judith and Ellie at Grizedale.

The family, from Bingley near Bradford, have many happy memories of their time at Lancaster University.

Jeremy recalled he and his friends playing a prank by covering up the road signs to Lancaster with “Woolloomooloo” in honour of a Monty Python sketch.

“We used sticky back plastic in those days to cover up the sign - it was a bit of fun and we ended up in the national press at the time.”

After leaving University, he married his girlfriend Judith and he became a teacher and his wife a lab technician.

“We loved Lancaster but we didn’t expect Tom to come here, it’s entirely coincidental.”

Like his father, Tom is staying on to do a PhD at Lancaster University while his girlfriend Elllie plans a Masters in English before teacher training.

Tom said: “I love Lancaster, the campus is like a little town and they really look after you. Everyone is friendly and will help you out so there’s a real personal touch.”