1974 Marketing Graduates Reunite in London

1974 Marketing Graduates Reunite in London -

Marketing Graduates Enjoy Their Reunion

Thrainn Thorvaldsson from Iceland joined other graduates from his cohort to catch up on 40 years of memories

Six of the graduates from the MA Marketing course in 1974 at Lancaster met in London on September 15th 2013.  They had a wonderful experience meeting again after 40 years and recalling memories from their time at university reflecting on how they had spent their lives. They are now searching to catch up with the others from their cohort of 30!

The photo above shows the following:

L to R -  John Payne, UK -  Tim Harrison, New Zealand - Jim Marshall, UK - Riaz Punja originally from Tanzania now living in the UK – Thrainn Thorvaldsson, Iceland and Sunny Crouch, UK

If others from the cohort wish to get in touch with the group, please email alumni@lancaster.ac.uk