Matt's Work Within 'The Channel'

Matt's Work Within 'The Channel' -

Matt Smith

Following the completion of his degree, Matt Smith (Marketing, 2001, Bowland) worked for Whitbread Food Logistics for two years.

As part of the management team, he was jointly responsible for planning the activities and workload for over seventy staff.   With his ambition still focused towards a career in marketing, he was soon to take an opportunity as Product and Marketing Executive in a fast-paced telecoms and networks services company called Gemini Telecom.  Operating as a wholesaler of telecoms services, Gemini provided him with his first experience of working and operating within ‘The Channel’ – this is a term used to describe the structure and relationship of the chain of organisations within the telecoms and IT industries.
He's now Channel Marketing Manager at Purple WiFi. Working in a marketing function in a channel organisation has provided him with the opportunity to create campaigns and communications targeted at organisations and partners across all levels of the channel ecosystem. The message and language used is very different in each of the organisation types. It’s a unique integrated marketing role that’s evolving constantly.

He believes his time at Lancaster prepared him for all of this very well. As it’s a leading business school, the course was taught by tutors with first-hand experience in working for large companies. One of his tutors had worked for Xerox, and his expertise was a valuable resource. The research project he did for Brand Finance was also especially useful, which investigated the value of an internet brand. Brand Finance were one of the first companies to coin the phrase “clicks and mortar”. In all, the course gave me the skills and knowledge to get him to where he now is. Matt comments 'Lancaster also has a great student community and a big focus on international students, which I  loved – I still have friends in the US from my time at Lancaster.'